During the 2017 Nova Scotia election, NSACHC raised public awareness about critical gaps in funding of health and social services throughout the province…

DID YOU KNOW?    Community Health Centres are Nova Scotia’s original “health homes” and have been delivering team-based collaborative care, health promotion and social services in parts of our province for over 40 years.
DID YOU KNOW?   Nova Scotia’s Community Health Centres receive little to no operational funding from the Government of Nova Scotia. 88% of Nova Scotia CHCs report very significant operational pressures affecting their ability to meet the demand for health and social services. 
DID YOU KNOW?   Many of Nova Scotia’s existing Community Health Centres were built and paid for by local community members. Local community members still finance major portions of these centres’ healthcare and social services due to lack of funding from the Nova Scotia Government.
Nova Scotians need all political parties to commit to addressing the inadequate funding and support of Community Health Centres. 


NSACHC has also called for all provider groups throughout Nova Scotia to work together to improve frontline primary health and social services

NSACHC has tabled four specific recommendations:


In 2017-18, establish a one-time stabilization fund of $4 million to be distributed equitably among Nova Scotia’s existing CHCs. These funds will enable CHCs to address high-priority operational gaps during this transition year and enable them to actively contribute to the province’s strategic discussions and planning for expansion of collaborative care and Health Homes.


In 2017-18, establish a primary health care partnership table, with representation from NSACHC and other relevant associations/groups, to advance the province’s planning of primary health care, including necessary steps to ensure that all Nova Scotians have access to the most appropriate type of collaborative care and Health Home.


By 2018-19, establish a provincial policy framework and implement core, annualized provincial funding for CHCs. Annual global budgets should be provided to each existing CHC in Nova Scotia to support the team-based collaborative care, health promotion and community/social services that they deliver as Health Homes (See Appendix 1 of the NSACHC position paper for examples). This funding should be accompanied by mutual accountability agreements between CHCs and the Nova Scotia Health Authority.


By 2020, invest in 10 new community-governed Community Health Centres throughout Nova Scotia to provide more Nova Scotians access to collaborative care and Health Homes through the integrated CHC model.

During the election all political parties responded to our recommendations


Read each party response below and our May 24 news release.


With a new provincial government in place we must all work together now to achieve fairness and effective health and social services for our families and communities. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Read and share our position paper and recommendations

    See our recommendations below and our POSITION PAPER

  • Read our letter to Doctors Nova Scotia

    We are calling for broad collaboration to improve health services. READ LETTER

  • Call or email Premier McNeil and Minister of Health Randy Delorey

    Tell them you want to see fair funding for Community Health Centres


PREMIER@novascotia.ca; Health.Minister@novascotia.ca

Premier McNeil: (902) 424-6600  |  Minister Delorey: (902) 424-3377

Community Health Centres (CHCs) are Nova Scotia’s original “health homes” and have been in operation in our province for over 40 years. They are a high-impact solution to many of Nova Scotia’s most urgent health, social, and economic challenges.

Despite the strength and potential of CHCs in our province, the Government of Nova Scotia provides very little operational funding for CHCs and most CHCs in Nova Scotia face a serious funding crisis. In 2013, the Liberal Government made a commitment to establish a provincial policy framework for CHCs, but this has still not been developed and implemented. In 2017, the Liberal Government has made additional commitments to properly investing in primary health care.

I respectfully call on you and the Government of Nova Scotia to provide core, annual funding for all CHCs in our province and to invest in at least 10 new community-governed CHCs throughout the province by 2020.


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